Buying Gold, Silver, Coins & Jewelry.

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45 Years of experience. Licensed, and we pay CASH!

D & B

Specializes in giving you the highest value for your items.

D & B 

Weighs and tests your items in front of you. Enjoy a relaxed meeting.

D & B

Buys gold and silver jewelry and scrap gold. CASH paid!

D & B

Welcomes assorted items. Not sure what you have? Bring it all in and we will gladly sort it out.

D & B

Buys paper money too.
If you have any old or unusual paper money, please feel free to bring it in.

Our objective is to make the selling of your items easy and satisfying.

 We welcome any and all questions about precious metals.

Precious metal prices fluctuate daily just as does corn, soybeans and cattle, hogs and the stock market. We pay according to the gold spot market. We have 45 years of dealing with precious metals and a passion for providing the best prices. Using the latest technology with our scales and testing equipment to ensure top value for your items. Customer satisfaction is Number One!

Selling Tips: 
1. Be careful of quotes over the phone, they may offer a high price just to get you in the store.
2. We are not a pawn shop, which typically offers less for your items.
3. Do you really want to sell to antique stores and gift shops where they have a general knowledge about everything, but are not knowledgeable about precious metals, to give you top dollar?
4.  Avoid selling to individuals, most of the time they are buying from you because they are not paying top dollar.

5. We will be glad to test your gold, for FREE regardless, if you sell to us or not.  If you decide to sell to us, remember we pay CASH!

Please note that we are NOT a pawn shop.  Google lists us as one.  We buy and sell only, we do not pawn items.